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Our curriculum is customized for the skill level and age group and tailored to the competencies of the students.  It includes instruction in reading, grammar, conversation, literature, history, geography, social studies, and Ukrainian culture and traditions supplemented by concerts, drama, art activities, exhibits and games.  Customized books and materials are developed and provided for students to meet their individual needs.

Drama and music remain an essential part of our curriculum.  We believe that drama can help our students in becoming more creative, adventurous and confident.  Dramatic arts allow making any topic more interesting, interactive and fun.  Throughout drama students are involved in conversations, improving vocabulary and grammar which lets them develop and practice the language.
Our students have participated in various drama activities with excitement, such as Ukrainian folk tales “ Kolobok”, “Rukavychka”, “ Pan Kotskyj”; dramatization of famous Ukrainian writers’ poems, songs and plays.

Oakville Ridna Shkola recognizes the need for an individualized approach to education. In class we try to gear the program to an appropriate level of ability and interest of each child. Students are offered an engaging academic curriculum and opportunities for learning which stimulate intellectual growth.  The atmosphere is warm, friendly and supportive with dedicated teachers nurturing the personal growth of each child.

Primary and Junior Program
Recognizing the importance of early development, Oakville Ridna Shkola has created program and learning centers that stimulate learning, build self- confidence, enhance students’ knowledge and involve them in a fascinating, mind-expanding, interactive and fun process, a process quite different from what most students think of as learning.
Our Junior/Senior Kindergarten and Primary division programs provide children with an excellent start to their future language acquisition.  We encourage our students to work both individually and in cooperative groups in a variety of hands-on learning experiences.  Our enriched curriculum for Junior grades provides students with a solid foundation of both reading and conversational skills.  Students are introduced to Reading, Printing, Basic Grammar and Conversation, Ukrainian Traditions and History.

Intermediate Program
Every student in our Intermediate program is provided with opportunities to learn independently in his/her own pace and practice their skills in meaningful ways.  Our students develop increased independence, personal responsibility and accountability as they encounter increasingly higher expectations for academic excellence and social maturity.
Our Intermediate curriculum facilitates a smooth progression from the Junior Years to secondary school and beyond.  The curriculum includes independent reading, writing short messages and stories, conversation, grammar, drama, and social studies.  After graduation our school students are fully prepared to enter Senior grades (Kursy) program at any Ukrainian school.

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities are used to promote the interest of our students and to encourage others to join us.  We have Ukrainian music and dance classes.  We organize interesting concerts dedicated to various themes such as Christmas, winter holidays, Family day, and Ukrainian language and so on. In addition to our famous concert, students participate in Halloween Fun Day, various craft activities and workshops, Graduation Celebration.  We also plan school field trips and guest visitors to visit our school to create interest in the curriculum and enrich our program.  Our students participate and perform at out-of-school cultural events as part heritage activities organized by the Ukrainian Canadian School Board.

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