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Our school was initially in Burlington at 419 Pearl St. known as St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Heritage School.  It was founded to provide Ukrainian language education for children on Saturday mornings as well as cultural and community awareness for parents wishing to have their children learn about their Ukrainian heritage.  The history of the school at the parish in Burlington is remembered fondly by generations of students.  The school was located at Holy Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church for almost 50 years.

The school moved to Oakville to St. Luke Catholic School in 2008 and to Holy Family Catholic School in 2011.  The name was originally changed to "Halton Ridna Shkola" and in 2012 to "Oakville Ridna Shkola" to reflect the school location.  The reason the school moved from Burlington was because of an increase in enrolment and the church facility was no longer able to meet the needs of the school.  Also, there was a demographic shift in the enrolment with an increased number of families driving in from east Oakville and Mississauga.

This year the school runs the program at St. Luke Elementary School at 2750 Kingsway Drive, Oakville.  We are pleased to see the growth of students’ population of Oakville Ridna shkola every year.  The school is continuing to provide a vital service to our Ukrainian community in Halton region.  Oakville Ridna Shkola closely cooperates with the Ukrainian Canadian School Board, Toronto Branch.

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