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Philosophy & Values

Oakville Ridna Shkola encourages independent thinking and cultivates individual talents in a supportive classroom environment. Students are encouraged to explore their unique interests and develop Ukrainian Language skills. We nurture the development of self-confident and positive contributors.

Oakville Ridna Shkola creates learning environments that are engaging, diverse and supportive; where talented, dedicated students are encouraged to interact in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Students are well prepared for the future in a manner that enables them to discover the joys of learning and the importance of Ukrainian community.

Learning is facilitated through a highly trained native Ukrainian teaching staff. Our teachers specialize in Second Language areas of instruction at the school. We believe that students who are taught by teachers who are passionate and trained with a love of a particular subject will transfer their vibrant energy and expertise to the learning environment.

We believe the potential within each child deserves to be recognized and nurtured and that children develop best when there is an active and willing partnership between school and family.

We believe that by learning the language of their ancestors children gain a deeper appreciation of their heritage and culture and better understanding of the Ukrainian community.

We believe that adults are important role models, guides and mentors for children and that those connections between teachers and students are most effective in friendly class settings.

We believe that an enriching, challenging, and supportive environment is necessary for personal development and that our curriculum teaches skills and strategies that foster the acquisition of language, knowledge of Ukrainian heritage and traditions.

We believe that by recognizing, respecting, sharing, and appreciating our similarities and differences, we grow and flourish.

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